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Leather Care Guide

Ways to keep your N'Damus London products in top condition for longer.

Moisture barriers are vital in preventing rain or other liquid hazards from damaging leather. Periodically apply a moisture barrier and allow it time to penetrate and dry before using your leather item.

  • Store your item in its original ‘breathable’ cotton dustbag.
  • Prevent colour transfer by avoiding resting near colour transferring materials such as jeans
  • Always store leather in a cool, dry place away from heat.


Occasionally use conditioners which contain fats and/or oils that help lubricate leather and replenish the suppleness. Beware of any that include petroleum or mineral oils as they can damage leather over a period of time.

  • Use specialist products which stimulate and supplement the natural oils of leather
  • Moisturize your leather: To prevent flaking and wrinkling, add a dollop of conditioning cream of polish to a soft cloth and run gently


Choose a cleaner that will help preserve the natural lubricating oils instead of stripping oils. Ensure the cleaner used does not leave any greasy residue behind. It is advisable to test the cleaner on a small area for effect and possible color distortion on a discrete area.

  • Oily blemishes: Crushed white chalk can absorb oily blemishes when used quickly. Crush chalk & sprinkle on the blemish. Leave overnight for more ingrained blemishes, then wipe away the chalk using a clean cotton cloth
  • Use gentle solvent-free leather treatment products to help increase resistance to dirt and moisture. Always apple with a clean, sod, dry cloth.


  • Regularly condition the leather to prevent it from drying out and cracking.


  • Store leather in plastic bags or other nonporous covers. This can encourage the growth of mildew and bacteria that ruin the leather.
  • Use caustic household chemicals or leather preparations that contain alcohol to clean leather
  • Use Turpentine and mineral spirits as they can pull colour.
  • Use waxes or silicone on soft leather as they may gum up the pores, making it impossible to oil and condition.


Use occasionally when a glossier finish is required on the leather. CAUTION: Products contain colouring factors that will brush off on things you come in contact with. Some products also have a tendency to clog the pores in leather or dry leather out. Just as with cleaning, be sure to test out the product on a small area and when ready, buff to a shine.


*Disclaimer: This information should be used as a guide only. N’Damus London does not take responsibility for how guidance is used or interpreted.  



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