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People want to know where their products are made, how and by whom. Certainly, #madeinbritain, history & quality adds to the appeal. Individual people handcraft our bags & accessories in London. We use traditional embossing techniques to add delicate finishing touches to our creations. Here we shed light on our popular embossing services.


Embossing refers to the creation of an impression of a design, decoration, lettering or pattern on surfaces such as leather.


High quality blocks crafted in brass and magnesium are created using traditional etching methods, right here in London.

  • Embossing machine
  • Leather
  • Metal dies


Metal blocks known as ‘dies' are placed against the surface of the leather. Using an embossing machine, heat and pressure are then applied to leave the design imprint. This age old technique is used for aesthetic purposes adding elegance, meaning & style to the surface of our leather designs. Give your N’Damus London leather goods a lasting impression with a memorable marking.

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